a couple of days ago I woke up and rubbed my eye... Eye is swollen and feels bruised when blinking?

a couple of days ago I woke up and rubbed my eye a bit, and in the day it felt bruised when I blinked, and was slightly swollen. today when I woke up, my eyelid is more swollen and still feels bruised on the outer corner of my eye. there's no discharge or anything, but I'm worried because I've heard stories of eye infections leading to meningitis.
what does this sound like?
Answers:   Please dont hesitate yourself . Give some icebag massage for a day. it will be ok.If the swalling still remains unchanged then please consult the eye specialist.
you could have an infection coming from the root of your eyelash.i have had this before and it is very similar to the symptoms you are describing.at first i thought it was a stye but then i went to my docs and she gave me antibiotics and ointment.this helped clear it up.
You might have a sty. I have these. You know cold sores you can get on your mouth, its the same thing; 'herpes simplex' is the official name. NOT the same as genital herpes before you freak. Basically the same virus but in the eye amd they're usually smaller and kind of white, you might see it tomorrow. Every now and then they might pop up, especially if you are wearing a lot of eye makeup and touching your eyes with dirty hands. They can be passed by using the same eye makeup (I got mine through sharing mascara with a girl who had them years ago) if you already have cold sores, touch your mouth and the your eye, or if you touch a surface that has the virus and then your eye. They're common enough, go away pretty quickly and I'm sure there is medicine although I've never looked. I haven't had one for months though. But if you're worried go to your doctor because.it could be something else. :)

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