i look like sh*t, i know, shut up. Is it that... Is my lazy eye that bad? Picture included?

On the second picture, yes.

I'm sorry, but that's how it is. Your'e eyes are pretty though, and people don't judge others that much! Don't worry.
You can't really tell & look beautiful. Don't believe what other people say, you should be hhappy.
Naa its not that noticeable.... maybe from that angle you can't see it that well
Na yur fine
I also have that. It's called Intermittent Exotropia. I can control mine, just sometimes it gets out of hand.
You are a lovely girl. I had a lazy eye as a child and was put into glasses very early, like 3rd grade, and these glasses were made as such to shift that eye. As an adult I do still wear glasses, but that's part of aging, I am 44, and my eye is in "normal" position. You glasses should me made in a way to help that eye.

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