50/20 and then 70/20 thank yer :3 Is this a bad eye sight?

50/20 and then 70/20
thank yer :3
Answers:   Do you mean 20/50 and 20/70 ? Usually the visual acuity numbers start with 20.

If I have it straight, that is not terrible, that is a moderate set of numbers. I am about 20/100 and there are many worse than us.

Google visual acuity to learn more, wiki has a page on it.
I wish I had your vision. I'm -4.50 in both eyes so I'm a medium myopic and my professor said at 20 feet I probably can't even count fingers without my glasses. So my vision is worse than 20/400.
Your numbers are backwards but no that is a really bad eye sight i would go back to the eye doctor
not at all! :)
Dear, of course it isn't. My sight's worse. I'm a thirteen year old girl and was told by my optomitrist (Or however the heck you spell that.) that my vision is worse that a 38 year old's. Don't worry. Glasses and contacts to the rescue! Or you could always get surgery if that's how you roll.
Your numbers are backwards, it has to be 20/50 & 20/70

That is the Visual Acuity measurement.

It doesn't take very bad vision for the VA to drop by that much from 20/20 , but it is enough that glasses would certainly be needed for many things.

A person with that VA wouldn't legally be allowed to drive without glasses or contacts on.

We don't know what prescription power for lenses is needed by the VA measurement though , that is a different thing.

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