3 years ago i suffered a heat burn to the face and... Eye Color Change ,What Could Be The Cause?

3 years ago i suffered a heat burn to the face and the heat came in contact with my eyes which some how resulted in a change in eye color ,My eye color had turned darker ,then 2 weeks ago i had 4 dental x-rays and the machine was positioned close to my eyes ,about 2 days later i noticed a change in my eye color ,my eye color has turned even more darker ,could the radiation have caused this? and if so how has it caused a discolouration in my eye?
Answers:   It is difficult to know exactly what you mean by eye color. The iris is usually the "colored" part of the eye. The iris is a donut shaped circle with the center being a hole that leads to the inside of the eye.

If you are taking about the white of the eyes changing, this can be a breakdown of the sclera. If you are talking about the tissue around the eyes, darking of the lids can be fluid buildup in the tissue.

Assuming you are talking about the iris, the color of the iris is a combination between 3 things... the density of the iris "fabric", the amount of pigment in the iris, and the amount of blood in the iris blood vessels.

Most people falsely believe the eye color is changing or changes because of differences in pupil size (larger pupils squish the iris to the sides), the type of light in the room (fluorescent, incandescent, natural lighting, etc... ), or by the color of surrounding objects (eye shadow, your shirt, your hair color, etc... ).

It is extremely rare for iris color to darken. In fact, most diseases that change the eye color actually cause the iris to loose pigmentation and make the eye lighter. I can only think of two conditions when the iris actually darkens --- over the first several years after a baby is born, and as an unwanted side effect to a glaucoma medication. The glaucoma medication was never really effective and was remarketed as Latisse to grow thicker lashes.

If the iris color actually did change in one eye, you would want to look at the lighter iris... maybe it was actually getting lighter (relatively). If it was, you need to have it evaluated for potential glaucoma problems. If you believe both irises are darker, it is probably your skewed perception over time.

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