. How do I stop this? It's getting extremely annoying. I have been... Why is the nerve under my left eye keeps twitching.....?

How do I stop this? It's getting extremely annoying. I have been reading books lately especially at night.
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normally lack of sleep... it's almost like the eye is signalling that u need rest!
It used to happen to me regularly too but not so much anymore. no harm done apparently.
I have had it, and it is very common. Few go through life without experiencing eye twitching or spasm. Usually confined to the lower lid of one eye, but sometimes two. Medical term is myokymia, caused by Tiredness, Eye Strain, Caffeine, and Allergies. Can last from 2 days to 3 weeks. Mine was definitely caused from allergies, but a lack of sleep does it too. The best thing is lights out and relax the eye, eliminate excessive reading, and try some good R & R. It is annoying and rubbing the eye will often make it worse.
Probably cos you forgot to take the spoon out of your cup of tea when you took a drink. You can stop this by taking the spoon out of the cup. lol.
Could be stress, could ne underlying stress that you are unaware of or could be the late night reading. I personally experience the twitching with stress.
I've had it loads of times over 60 years. Usually caused by tiredness or stress. It does stop on it's own.
Nothing you can do about it.
i agree with most of the above answer it could be stress,eye strain,and lack of sleep,

to speed up the process from my experience is to sleep as long as you can,try swimming for an hr or dunk head under water sink/tub and you can also try less focus on book for a day or two go out or watch movies in a steady combination

all this should help for you thistle best of luck:-),cheers:d
That is probably eyestrain.

You can try reading in a different position. That happens to me at times too. I don't think to much of it and it goes away when I reduce reading time or sit upright to read.
It could mean that you're 'coming into money'.....!
i have this problem same left eye consulted a doctor he priscribed to drink lot of water and sleep, its a fact of stress. and do meditation if possible.
i get it when tired and or stressed. looks like the crazy is trying to get out.
Isn't that annoying....I don't know the answer, but in time it will stop on it's own.
this is a common problem and is usually associated with tiredness and stress, eyestrain, caffeine.

It does not mean anything specific.
lack of sleep?

if it really bugs you, sounds crazy, but botox would help. paralyses the muscle, voila. no more twitching.
To much reading and caffeine. Go swimming.
I don't think you can do anything this happens to me to .
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Could be a sign that you missed something...
Could be eye-strain. Could be a lack of Vitamin B. Eat some Wholegrain Bread, or some Turkey or Tuna. And make sure there's plenty light to read by, when reading at night.
Maybe you have the urge to run out into a field,and spend hours watching the Lesser Spotted Wang Warbler?
You might be tired. I've noticed that happens to me any time I don't get enough sleep the night before. It usually fixes itself when I go to bed and sleep though. Try that and if it doesn't work, evaluate your stress level and see what stresses you out the most. Then see what you can do to reduce that stress. Fluttering in or near the eye can be really annoying. :-/
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You need to put the book down and get some much needed beauty sleep. Good night and God bless.

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