I have this paranoia thing where when i wake up my morning... I'm scared that my eyes change shape the next morning..please help :(?

I have this paranoia thing where when i wake up my morning and my eyes are clear and big and generally really nice, that the next day they will be less nice because of washing them differently or something weird like that...like yesterday i was worried that today they would look different in the mirror and they do!
help me out..is this possible?
I use many eyedrops in my life as well as an eye gel at night...just some extra info..
:( :(
Answers:   take a photo of your face each time you think your eyes change and stop washing your eyes
I don't think it is possible that your eyes can change shape. Unless you are on drugs or something like that which makes your eyes push out of your sockets slightly. Maybe its just your imagination because you are so paranoid? The eye gel could also have an effect but as your use it every night you shouldn't notice a difference. Try telling yourself that your eyes look exactly the same as yesterday and see if mind over matter works. If not go to the doctors. Hope this helped and all the best xx
hi meg,
Why would your eyes change shape over night!? Thats impossible, stop being so paranoid hunni, and chill out, just be greatful you have two healthy eyes.

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