you can see a lot of red veins but they're not irritated... Why are my eyes always red?

you can see a lot of red veins but they're not irritated or anything....and I don't smoke pot.
would drops help?
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yes it will; be helping

/, or else consult 2 doc. <>>
Stress, exhaustion, air quality. Those are things that make your eyes red.
If you frequently wear contact lenses, you must reduce the time of wear or rest for several days.

Drops will help but do not overdose. read the label. Overdosing will worsen the swelling of the veins.
Smoke weed erryday :) lol naw jk eye drops can help sometimes that happens couse eyes get dry and they need moister they sell some really gud drops for that at local stores try looking for something that says eye dryness or somthin similar to that
Drops may help, so you very well could give that a try, but are you getting enough sleep at night? Not getting enough sleep can cause that to happen.

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