I went into a vision center to get fitted for contacts so... Do I have to wear only contacts made for astigmatism?

A toric lens has nothing to do with the fit, or messing the eyes up if they aren't used.

Torics are used when needed for astigmatism only to give better vision.

If you can see well without the toric lens , then that just means the astigmatism isn't very high.

Wearing a non toric lens makes no difference to the eye at all, it's just a question of getting acceptable vision.
I have an astigmatism as well and came up using hard lenses (100 years ago!) and they could never really fully give me 20/20 vision because of it.
I'd listen to the vision folks on this - you surely don't want to mess up what good vision you have
this early in your life.
Good luck, make good and healthy choices.
You only get one pair of eyeballs!
I have astigmatism as well. I want to get contacts around my b-day, and my eye doctor said I need the special kind that are made for people with astigmatism. It could ruin your eye sight if you got lenses that aren't made for astigmatism.
Just to back up what footprinz has said I have astigmatism in both eyes. At one point you couldn't get soft lenses for astigmatism and I used to get soft lenses with a non-toric perscription just for swimming. Didn't give me brilliant eyesight but it certainaly didn't mess my eyes up.

However what might be an issue is you wearing theatrical lenses which aren't fitted. From what the opticians on here say each brand of lenses fits slightly differently so using a fitting given for one brand might not be wonderful for somethign totally different.

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