19yrs after catartas surgery and lens replacement eyes are cloudy again Can catarats come back after surgery?

19yrs after catartas surgery and lens replacement eyes are cloudy again
Answers:   No, a cataract can't come back.

But the replacement lens will sometimes have left over cells from the original lens start growing over it making the vision cloudy.

That is a simple procedure that takes a few minutes in an Ophthalmologists office to do.

They blast away the new cells with a laser and your eyes are good as new again , no pain, very quick procedure.

It called a capsulotomy. It's rare to happen that long after the surgery as far as I know ...it is way more common to happen within 18 months.

Seeing your Ophthalmologist will confirm if that is what it is, and they will give you your options.
When your surgeon removed your cataracts, he left behind a membrane called the capsule. This is part of your eye that has been there all along. The reason he left it was so that he would have a place to put your implant. He put your implants inside that membrane. At the time of your surgery, that membrane was clear like a piece of plastic wrap. Often after surgery, sometimes a few months, sometimes a few years, this membrane looses it clarity. The plastic wrap becomes more like wax paper in appearance. When this happens, your ophthalmologist or in some states, your optometrist can make a hole in your capsule with a laser and improve your vision. This is usually an in office procedure.

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