A couple of months ago I had a terrible experience after smoking... Horrible unreality even when i drink :(?

A couple of months ago I had a terrible experience after smoking weed (which I think might have been derealisation to the extreme that it felt like I was the only thing in existence). Anyhow when I got drunk today, focusing on things became extremely difficult (which is probably to be expected) but I had to focus on things far away because things close or that I had to refocus on constantly like my feet (my eyes just couldn't handle it) and the there was a significant increase in the amount of sparkley (maybe blue and red) things that you can see when you close your eyes. But you can't focus on them which makes them rather hard to describe. Anyhow the weirdest thing was that when I was waiting on a bus sitting looking down the street everything kinda formed into one picture (like there was no comprehension of distance to it) well maybe there was but it just didn't feel real and was fairly uncomfortable to look at to long, like it was mearly a reel of film being displayed before me and not actually real. Like I was in a dream, this occasionally happens in very familiar places also. Like places or routes that I travel everyday and know like the back of my hand.
P.s what are those red and blue sparkley things and why are they there?
Answers:   sounds like youve smoked laced bud, real weed wouldnt give you a "terrible experience", nothing bad can really come from smoking pot, even if you smoked super strong the worst that could happen is you'd throw up, if you didnt throw up you couldnt have felt THAT stoned, im guessing you smoked like angel dust or something

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