I have a -1.75 Astigmatism in my right eye. When I'm wearing... Astigmatism Correction question?

I have a -1.75 Astigmatism in my right eye. When I'm wearing my glasses and I tilt my head either left or right then my eyesight loses focus slightly. Does this indicate that my Cylinder prescription isn't strong enough?
Answers:   The prescription is OK. When a person tilts his head or even when he is not looking through the centers of the lenses there can be unwanted affects.
Contact lenses avoid some of these.
Nope, in actual fact when you are tilting your head your eyes are rotating slightly in the sockets and this means that the AXIS part of your prescription is becoming temporarily inaccurate, and hence your vision is becoming a little blurred, it doesnt mean there is anything wrong with your spectacle Rx at all. If you have astigmatism your glasses must be orientated accurately in front of your eyes, whereas if you have a simple longsighted/near sighted Rx the observer could wear their glasses at a sizable tilt and still see fine, they may also be able to tilt their head to either side and not notice any blurring.

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