4 months ago I went for an eye exam and my doctor... Problems with my contact lens prescription?

4 months ago I went for an eye exam and my doctor increased my prescription on my left eye (from -3.25 to -3.50). Right eye stayed the same (-4.00). I still had old lenses so I didn't try the new lenses until last month. However, over the last month I have noticed that with the new lenses, I don't have the same 'focus', especially with small print, as I did before and do when I where my glasses (which are still the old prescription). I can still see but smaller print like on the computer is a little more blurry. Is there a long adjustment period for the new prescription? Or should I just go back now to my eye doctor, even though it is months later?
Answers:   There could be an adjustment period just because you are not use to the strength of the lens, but you can always call you eye doctor and ask about it without having to make an appointment and go back.
It sounds like you may be on the edge of presbyopia. If you were more comfortable with the -3.25 lenses, ask to be switched back. They may not be able to credit you for marked or opened boxes.
The adjustment period should only last up to a week, if your eyes haven't completely adjusted by now you should definitely go back to make sure the prescription is completely accurate. It's normal to go back for re-checks, I used to work as an optician and sometimes had patients come back for a refit if their eyes didn't adapt.

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