I only have one pair of lenses left but I am not... Do you get to keep the lenses you use at a contact lense check up?

I only have one pair of lenses left but I am not allowed to order any more until I have my check up. Will they let me keep the ones I use in the check up?
Answers:   In my experience opticians can make a terrible mess of your contacts at a checkup if you don't warn them its your last set. Mine seems quite keen on orange dye, and it does leave teh lenses like that for a couple of days. I usually time it so I go and see him on the last day the set of lenses are due as he likes to see them when they are at their limit though. Make sure you tell the optician that its your last set and they have to last!
Yes. Unless there is something really going wrong with your eyes where your doctor feels you need to be out of contacts. He will give you trial lenses that should last until your boxes come in.

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