My right eye is sph. +0.50, cyl. is +3.50 My left ... How to read Optometrist prescription?

My right eye is sph. +0.50, cyl. is +3.50
My left eye is sph. + 1.25, cyl. is SPH
Why does it say SPH on the cyl. for my left eye?
Isnt it supposed to be a number?
Answers:   I have no idea.ask a doctor they will know.they took schooling for 6 years or more.its worth asking them.
I think it means one of your eyes isnt good or something I dont know.ask a doctor.its your best bet.
It means you have no astigmatism in your left eye. Most optometrists would not write you a prescription with a + number for cylinder. Are you sure you didn't get it from an ophthalmologist?
You have a little bit of hyperopia, farsightedness with some astigmatism. I have the same but my hyperopia correction is +2.75. Both of us are easily fixed with glasses or contacts.

I do not understand the SPH in the cyl box, call the doctor back for clarity.
I believe that means you have no astigmatism in the left eye.

However, I would suggest calling just to be sure, because it is kind of strange that the right eye has quite a bit of astigmatism (+3.50) and the left apparantly has none at all; not impossible, just odd.

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