I'm not sure if this matters with the cost of them, but... How much do prescription contacts cost?

To be completely honest they are pretty expensive. Depending on what type of contacts you need your looking at 50-90 dollars just to get a prescription to wear the contacts. Basically you must go through a contact trial which is what this money covers, to find the contacts that work well for you.

Then once you have a prescription for a years worth of contacts you looking anywhere from 120-200 or so for a years supply. (again depending on what your prescription calls for) Your parents are right, contacts are pretty expensive. They are a nice luxury for some people, and practically a necessity for people with really strong prescriptions. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.
I payed $200 for a year's supply of contact lenses.
You can buy disposable ones at your local drug store for 5 or 4 $. You should be finished with them every 3 days then put new ones in. I've heard that there are contacts that last for a lifetime, I may be wrong though.

Sorry my good chap, I read your question wrong. Prescription contacts cost is based on how bad your eyesight is. Since you're nearsighted, it should be around 30 dollars. Nothing to fret about, really. Go to an eye doctor to get your eyes checked, or re-checked, and they can determine the price. (If you have glasses, they can use the lens and see how strong it is, then they will price it)


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