so my glasses have alot of smudges on the outside lense..and i... My eyeglasses have alot of smudge that i cant!?

Your problem is most likely either the anti reflection coating or the anti scratch coating that has become defective.

Nothing you can do with that except get the lenses replaced.

Many coatings are guaranteed for two years , so if you are lucky, the place you bought them from may replace them for free if they are within warranty time.
that happened to me and it turned out to be hairspray haha. i went to the optometrist and he wiped them for free and to be careful where i spray. it's silly, but i'm careful now since i got new ones
Wash your hands with Dawn dishwashing liquid (the blue one).

1. Get hands all soapy.
2. Wash eye glasses with soapy hands, including nose pieces and ear mounts.
3. Rinse in clear, cool water until all soap is gone.
4.Dry with a very soft, clean towel that wasn't washed/dryed with a fabric softener.
5. Clean glasses once a week.

Wiping glasses with clothing that has fabric softener on them causes smears and smudges.
Use some windex
I have the same problem. I can clean my glasses with Dawn and a clean cloth (as reported by Sparki), with the Sight Savers, or with the cleaner and cloth that I got from the optician, but sometimes the smudges just seem to get worse with each cleaning. I am not sure the problem is what "optician" says since I have 2 pairs of lenses that are only about 6 months old with this problem; I doubt the coatings will be rubbed off that quickly. There has to be a better way!
BTW, I don't use hairspray.

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