My eye doctor gave me eye measurements for glasses (OD/OS, Sph., Cyl.,... Are eye measurements for glasses and contacts the same?

No. With contacts, you also have to know the base curve and diameter that will work for you, which will differ depending ont he brand of contacts. You MUST have a contact lens fitting to be able to order contacts. Even online places are SUPPOSED to call the doctor's office to verify the prescription was entered properly.
No there is a dif measurement in the size of the iris, go back tothe doc
contacts do have to be fitted and its illegal to supply without a contact perscription in the UK and US so anyone you could order from without this is dodgy. That means you are risking your eyesight by not having them fitted and then ordering from a dodgy site. If you don't have the insurance to go again how will you cope if you get an eye infection? contacts are really good but they aren't cheap and if you have problems with the money for a fitting then you don't really have the money to wear contacts.
Yeah. It's just the power of the lens you need to see clearly. Just order your lens.

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