I only have a light prescription -1.00 -0.25 in both eyes. My... Is it bad for me to wear contacts?

You don't have to wear glasses, or contact lenses, they don't fix you eyes, and in some cases hurt your eyes more, you can fix your eyes with out glasses.

If you feel that the improvement the contacts make in your vision is worth the money they cost why give up wearing them? Its not bad for your eyes to wear contacts provided you follow the rules. As you say perfect vision is very nice - why give it up if you can afford it?
Well, it isnt bad to wear contacts you just have to keep them clean so you dont get any eye disease, and wearing contacts is maybe even better than glasses because nobody notices contacts and you can wear sunglasses when you are wearing contacts and u dont have to fix contacts all the time because they stay still on your eyes all the time and when you are doing sports they are more compatible then glasses, but i think that you have to change contacts every 6 months but im not sure, but you can wear glasses all year without changing them, but you should wear what you like best
well, if you find them uncomfortable you could just wear them when you know your gonna have to see well, like if your going to school or something and you have to see the board perfectly, some teachers have a messy handwriting...
but no its not bad to wear them, doesnt cause any harm unless you sleep with them and stuff

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