I'm having a bit of trouble with removing my contact lenses. When... Problem with removing contact lens?

I'm having a bit of trouble with removing my contact lenses. When I try to remove them, my fingers just run straight over them, I can feel the edge of the contact lens as my fingers run over. What I currently do is: hold bottom eyelid down with middle finger on right hand, hold top eyelid up with a finger on left hand, looking straight ahead use index finger and thumb of right hand to pinch the contact lens off the iris. But the contact lens just does not want to leave my eye, I spend about 7 or 8 minutes per eye because of this, and afterwards my eyes are often quite red and feel sore from being touched and poked so much. Am I doing something wrong?
Answers:   My fiancee used to have this issue after being out for the night when he was really tired. There are a couple of things that helped, one of which is from the Doc and one of which is from YouTube!

First, use some drops in your eyes to lube the lenses so they can slide better and protect your eyes from irritation. Make sure the drops and contact lens safe. (CLR)

Next, instead of pinching with your fingers, you can safely use your top lid and bottom lid to make the pinch for you and easily remove the lens. Sounds strange right? Easier if you look at a video. Check it out here on YouTube:

I don't find the pinch technique easy either . What I do is before pinching the lens out look towards your nose. then for the right eye with teh finger next to the thumb of the right hand move the lens towards teh outer corner of the eye whilst looking towards the nose. As it goes towards teh outer corner it no longer fits teh eye as well adn is then easy to pinch off between teh finger you are moving it with and the thumb. Keep looking towards your nose - your eye naturally moves to look in the direction you are moving the lens in. The other thing to do is use re-wetting drops before you take them out as it makes them cling a little less.

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