I am wondering if people that have 20/20 vision see better or... Is wearing contacts equivelent to 20/20 without them?

I am wondering if people that have 20/20 vision see better or the same as someone that is wearing correct contacts, like me.
Answers:   Your contacts or glasses normally will correct you to 20/20 , so you see the same as those who have 20/20 without needing help.
Well people with contacts usually see better, I saw some online that are supposed to give you like HD vision, but I don't know how much better that's supposed to be then your actual vision (Since I didn't buy those contacts, and I've been wearing contacts and glasses for so long I don't remember what my vision used to be like originally)
But the first time I got contacts I knew it was way better then before my vision had gone bad and everything, since I got a stronger prescription from my eye doctor, and everything was so sharp, that it didn't look right.. x.x
people with contacts see better. but just a little bit better so it's basically equivalent.
People with contacts see better, the only reason people that don't absolutely need them don't get them is because they also make yur natural eyes worse and worse, so yu need stronger and stronger prescriptions.

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