1. I got my glasses last November i go on the computer... Have loads of questions about my reading glasses?

1. I got my glasses last November i go on the computer 247 without breaks is that why I needed glasses. 2. Will my vishion get worse I'm 14 (be hohnest please). 3. I wear them at school in some lessons. As Im scared to wear them in others by doing that will my vishion get worse. 4. If you needed glasses when u was a teen why and did it get worse and at what age
Answers:   There are two things that cause short/long-sightedness : (1) the lens in your eye is the wrong size for your eyeball, (2) the muscles that squeeze and stretch the lens are not strong enough to correct for (1).

(1) Just genetics. Nothing you can do. I got glasses when I was about your age and I've worn them ever since.

(2) You can change this, but not usually enough to counteract (1). Your optometrist can give you eye exercises to do. Also, doing anything where you don't change your focal distance for long periods can strain the muscles in your eyes (like staring at the computer). Whether wearing your glasses makes your eye muscles weaker is a topic for debate, but I would suggest that it doesn't, since people who have 20:20 vision don't do anything special to keep it that way, and all glasses do is correct point (1). Being able to SEE is the most important thing.
hi ben,
Thx for your questions.

our eyes are all unquie, and hve different needs, you said you got glasses last november for reading, i would strongly advise that you do wear the glasses when drtailed to by your optician. You will be causing the eyes more stress not aeari g them.

Secondly, you said you are on the pc 24/7 that does not help having bad eyesight, you must ensure you tke regular breaks from the pc, ensure the font is largw enough so as not to cause any more unessesary strain on your eyes.
3, vision will probably get worse, its not all because your on your pc, the lenses and muscles in our eyes harden causing our vision to appear blurr at different distances, 4, ive wore glasses from 3yrs old, im now 36yrs old and have varifocals, our eyes are all different, my parents only wear glasses for reading, my sister has them for reading too. Over the yrs my eyesight has detwrtiated, ive other eye problems too.

look after your eyes you only get one pair, hope this helps
Good luck

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