- Is it available for everyone to wear it? - What age is... Contact lens? 10 point?

- Is it available for everyone to wear it?
- What age is old enough to wear contact lens?
- How long can we wear it per day?
- Does it has any disadvantages?
Answers:   Contacts are available for most people unless they have like some crazy eye disease. There are also many different types for different peoples eyes ( mine our soft lenses but my dad wears like some hard permeable ones). There is no particular age but I started wearing contacts when I went into the 5th grade ( I was a competitive gymnast so glasses were not really an option). You can wear contacts for like 10 to 12 hours after the first few days but nothing really happens if you wear them longer( just put eye drops in). There are not real disadvantages unless something gets in your eye or you put them in backwards but either way it just hurts a little until you can fix it. Good luck
Anyone can wear them, I was 11 when I started but I don't think there is a strict age, 8-10 hours a day is recommended, but I wear them for 12-14 hours and the disadvantages are that it hurts if you get something in your eye
Contact lenses may not be suitable for everyone. Contact lenses do not fully correct for astigmatism, only partially. That means that some people with astigmatism may not see clearly in the distance and this may bother them. It depends on the individual. Others may have other things going on with their corneas (curve is too steep) to be able to wear contacts. That is why it is imperative to get a contact lens evaluation from an optometrist.

Physical age is not the overriding factor here. While 10 is the youngest some may go, it is the Maturity level of the individual that counts most. Some adults don't have the maturity level to wear contacts. Contacts must be taken care of, cleaned, disinfected, etc. That is the parent's call.

You can get contacts that you can wear all day long. The easiest contacts to wear are "Daileys" since you put them in in the morning and you take them out and throw them away at night.

Disadvantages? Read my first paragraph.

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