(any time of the day) when ever i open my eye lids... Is it normal to get dust in your eyes?

(any time of the day) when ever i open my eye lids im always able to pull out some dust with my fingers sometimes they are pretty long dust things sometimes, and its just a few little specs but i can always feel it in my eye.

People say i shouldnt play with my eyes and i get that but when i do i actually do find stuff in there thats bothering me.
I went to a docter about it and he didnt help much at all and was very rushed and didnt answer any of my questions properly
please help
Answers:   Yes it is
Yes, definitely
I think it is very normal if you live in a place where full with dust..

But anyway, even we could not see the dusk around us, they are still there.
Hate the doc you met, it's embrassing.

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