.Sphere OD -3.00 OS -3.25 So, what do those numbers mean? Which one is the... What does this eye prescription mean?

OD -3.00
OS -3.25

So, what do those numbers mean? Which one is the left eye and which is the right eye and what one is worse? Also, what would the reason be for one of them being worse?

Also, are those numbers really bad? xD I'm kinda thinking they are, because my eyesight is horrible, plus the optometrist said my vision is two time worse than when I went two years ago.. is that something to worry about? I was 13 last time I went, and now I'm 15, turning 16 in about 2 months.. the optometrist said it was normal for vision to get worse in the teen years around my age.. but is it normal for it to get that much worse? I don't want to be blind o_e

thanks in advance..
Answers:   OD is the right eye, and OS is the left eye...the right eye is always written first in prescriptions.

That is three diopters of power needed in one eye, and three and a quarter in the other. It's very common and normal for the eyes to have a difference in the power, most people do. That is just the unit of power used for making glasses or contacts.

It is very common to have doubled over 2 or 3 years in your age group, but don't worry , you won't go blind. No one goes blind from having a strong prescription.

Ya, your prescription is fairly strong, but it could be a heck of a lot worse...nothing to worry about.
Moderate myopia, nearsightedness, very common easily corrected.

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