Ok so ive always wanted contacts and everyone says i look better... Can i have eye contacts?

Ok so ive always wanted contacts and everyone says i look better without my glasses. But i just now decided to see if i can get them. The reason i ask is because i have a lazy eye is it possible to have contacts with a lazy eye? If so do they need to be a certain type or just my perscription?
Answers:   The eye doctor would have to examine your eyes to see if you are a candidate for wearing them. Some people cannot wear them at all. My eyes were okay with them at first, then they started to reject them and they switched me from soft to gas permeable and then it happened with them and they switched me to soft again. A couple of years ago, my eyes would not let me wear them anymore, so I had to go back to my glasses. In my job, the glasses slide or get knocked off and the steaming up in the winter would drive me crazy, so I went and got the laser surgery a little over a year ago and my eyes are still 20/20.

I do not think the lazy eye would be a factor of you getting them or not.
I think you should get contact lenses. It's a lot easier than having glasses, but at the same time harder. It does need to be a certain type, depending on your eye statistics. For instance, I have monthly disposables, which work well for me, but monthly disposables may not suit you. It's possible to get contacts with a lazy eye, a lot of people do have contacts because of a lazy eye.
I have a lazy eye too, and my optician said contacts were an option, so I'm sure you'd be able to get some, just go in and ask (:
I just got contact, at first it took me about an hour to put them on, now I do it in one try. Honestly everyone said that contacts were bad and yata yata but I love them. I wouldn't worry about lazy eye, my eyes are small and it is not a problem. Ask your doctor any questions you might have. Good luck.

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