3 years ago I got some glasses and a year ago I... Is wearing old glasses bad?

3 years ago I got some glasses and a year ago I lost them! I've been having tightness around my temples and headaches which I'm assuming is because I'm not wearing the glasses and I'm on electronics ALOT! So I just found them and don't know if I should wear them or not! I won't be able to go to the eye doctor for a while but I'm really getting annoyed with the tightness!
Answers:   hi lin,
Sorry to hear about your bad eyes, its perfectly alright to wear your old glasses, all that is happening is you cannot see as well with the old glasses as what you could with the new glasses.
However i would not recommend that to delay too long on getting your eyes checked out, as wearing the wrong peescription can put extra strain on your eyes hunny.
Ive wore glasses all my life i cannot see without them, my eyesight changes quite drastically annually, i have other eye problems,also so if i wear to brake my glasses i could not really use my old ones, so i now ensure i have a spare pair with my present presription in them, maybe consider two pairs when you manage to have your eyesight done sweet.
Good luck
You should.. wear them until you can get to an eye doctor.
Wearing your old glasses isn't going to hurt. It may help you a little or it may not. Each individual is different. What may help you on close up work is a set of "readers". You can find these at any pharmacy or WalMart. Try on a pair of 1.00's and see if they don't make the letters close up more clear. If they do, then go to 1.25 and see if they help more. If they do then keep going up the ladder until you find the ones that are optimal for you. You don't have to buy them, just try reading with them right off the rack till you get to the ones that help you most and then buy those. These may help you do close up work until you can get in to see your optometrist.

Also, you should make an appointment soon. You are overdue for an exam. There are many diseases of the eye that don't present themselves until it is too late to fully correct them. This "tightness" around the temples may present a bit of a concern. Make an appointment. Eyesight is a horrible thing to lose.

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