my eye doctor gave me two different prescriptions. my glasses are 4.0... My optometrist gave me 2 different prescriptions?

my eye doctor gave me two different prescriptions. my glasses are 4.0 but my contacts are 3.75. they say my eyes wont get messed up by using both prescriptions but my glasses are too clear for my eyes. i'm getting used to them but i feel that my contacts will soon enough become blurry. what do you guys know about this? will it ruin my vision or be okay?
Answers:   hi britney,

Thank you for your question.
This is perfectly normal to have a lower prescription for contact lenses, reason being if your myopia, your glasses prescription is always gonna be weaker hunni, the reason for this is the glasses are not sat right on the eye like contacts ares. If we were ro prescribe the same prescrition as your glasses your vision would be blurr.
May i ask have you just gotten contact lenses for the first time? The optician should have explain why the prescriptions are different. This is w you can never order your contacts with a glasses presription.
Good luck
I hope this has help you.
The reason your prescriptions are different is because you don't need as strong of a prescription for your contacts as you do your glasses. That's because the contacts lenses are sitting right on your eye, if you had the 4.0 like your glasses it would be too strong then that could strain your eyes. Don't worry, your eye doctor knows what they're talking about. And no it will not ruin your vision.

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