please help :[ is it gonna stay like that forever? Does anyone know whats wrong with my eye? :( ***PICTURE***?

IF at any point in time you have an optical problem do not think you can do a self diagnosis. Go to the doctor. Really not trying to scare you but regardless of what you think it may be, it could be a very serious problem. The best way to sometimes fix something is to catch it early.
wihtout even looking at the picture, you need to go to a doctor. first, cause YA aint no place for diagnosis. Second, get used to going to the doctor and not relying on the internet.
There is nothing wrong with your eye i have an eye like that it's called a lazy eye you probably have it because the right side of your body is weaker than your last people can only tell your eyes like that from up close and i don't think it's that big of a deal

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