(my language is not english, I will try my best) My prescription is: Right:... Pupillary distance tolerance for my prescription?

It looks like you had an eye test and PD measurment at one place, then got another PD measurement (different) at the place where the glasses were bought.

I would say, in this situation, let the place making the glasses use the value they got, if it is wrong and the glasses don't work right, THEY will have to fix it for free. If you tell them to use a different number and the glasses don'tt work right, YOU will be paying for the replacement!

Because your prescription is moderately strong, it is somewhat important that the PD be accurate to avoid distortion, headaches, etc. An "average" value is about 63, 70 is sort of wide, but if that is what works for you fine. My prescription is pretty close to yours, when I look, using one eye and shift the glasses around several mm each way (simulating what it would be like if the PD was off), I only see a little curving/distortion not blurring, maybe your lenses had some kind of defect.


If you are going to do your own PD, it is best to have a friend measure it while you look straight ahead (as if you were looking right through him), If you try to do it yourself with a ruler in the mirror, you will usually get a value that is about 3mm narrower than the actual value for distance lenses because your eyes converge a little when looking at close things, causing the PD to change. This might explain your value of 67.5mm.

By the way, if you got the lenses that gradually change from distance to reading prescription, sometimes they are messed up and can have very wierd effects.

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