99 dollars for contact exam for 3 yrs ....basically 3 exam for... Do you think this is cheap ..for contacts?

99 dollars for contact exam for 3 yrs ....basically 3 exam for 99 dollars every year
Answers:   Hi.
An eye exam for contact lenses at $99 each exam?

That's a good price.
Here in NYC the average price for a contact eye exam is about $120...give or take $10 to $20 dollars depending on where you go in the city.Like I said...$99 is a good price over a 3 year period( 3 exams for $99 each).

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Yeah, that's about the going price.
It is impossible that it can be that price. I have gone to a few optical stores and sometimes they tell me a good price and do the exam. But later on I find out that they did not do the full exam and I had to go to a proper optical store to get the exam. I do not think you should trust them.I always go to East West Opticians (NY) and they always do a good job with me and give me the right contacts. You can also order online from them which is very convenient.


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