Ever since I was around 9 or 10, my vision gotten very... Is It Normal to Replace Prescription Glasses At Least Once Every year?

Your vision changes because you're growing, and that causes the shape of your eye to change. In your mid-teen years is when the change is typically the fastest. There's NOTHING you can do to prevent this change.

There are several ways that you can reduce the amount your spend on glasses:
- Get new glasses less often. You may suffer with blurry vision, though.
- Get lenses only for existing frames.
- Get the least expensive glasses you can. I think there's someplace called 39dollarglasses.com, or somesuch.

There are those who will suggest eye exercises, diet, supplements, carrots, etc. None of those is going to work, since they don't affect the shape of your eye.
It isn't normal (I mean the fact that you change your glasses every year). IDK about the other stuff tho, probably cause you're growing up. But, just wondering, are you tall? As you grow more, people tend to have weaker eyes, THIS IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE, and sometimes they get things called eye floaters, little specs or dots or lines you see whenever you're looking anywhere. ALSO, reading too much or reading too close up makes you're eyesight worse as well.

Hope this helped.
Dawgdays is totally right, vision can change quite rapidly when you are growing.You could also try looking for glasses on-line at www.zennioptical.com, they are quite inexpensive, a perfect solution for people who lose or break glasses, have frequent prescription changes or want a lot of different styles (without throwing a lot of money at the problem).

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