Because mine are. I have a -0.75 cyclindrical error in one eye.... Are toric contact lenses meant to be uncomfortable?

Because mine are. I have a -0.75 cyclindrical error in one eye. Not sure of the axis error. So the doc said we can try toric but toric feels blurry to me. Like on some ocassions i cannot see clearly unless i frwquntly blink and then the problem is ok for a couple of hours and then recurs.
any recommended brand/type for torics? or should i switch away from torics and go for the regular ones?
Answers:   Why do you wear contact lenses which are uncomfortable. You can improve your eye sight without it naturally.

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No torics aren't meant to be uncomfortable. Mine are brilliant and give me clear eyesight and I've been wearing for years. What I would say though is that torics rely on the lens spinning to the right point in the eye. If your eye drys then they can get slightly off the right place and your vision will blur. Contact re-wetters are the solution and I do use quite a few of those. Blink is my favourite. Comes in a small bottle or individual vials which are ideal for hill walking, camping etc, where you ahvce to think about nozzle contamination. The other thing with torics is the fit and not all opticians are as good at getting a fit. I use accuvue advance fortnightlies ( which I find the best lenses I have had in 40 years of lens wearing) and focus dailies if I'm swimming. They are good as well, but just not quite as comfortable as the accuvue when worn all day.

If you don't use torics then your vision won't be as clear, however your astigmatism is by no means as bad as mine.

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