2 weeks ago a daily contact lens tore in my right eye-... I've had a scratched cornea for 2 weeks and it hasn't healed yet?

2 weeks ago a daily contact lens tore in my right eye- I thought it was a regular abrasion and haven't worn contacts for the two weeks. While the foreign body sensation went away, whenever I wake up I feel it again along with a grittiness. Also my right eye feels hotter and more sensitive to wind than usual.

When I tried lenses again after waiting the two weeks the lense in my right eye felt out of place, like the scratch was still there and the FBS came back after a few hours of wearing. My eye has no redness or otherwise signs of infection- what could the problem be?
Answers:   I sure hope you've seen a physician. If not, do see one right away.
Probably would be best to have the eye looked at by the eye doctor. Don't wear the contacts if it doesn't feel right, it would only get worse the longer it was in.

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