Have to inform my parents I stipulation specs ASAP, give a hand!?

I've needed glasses for several years, but I've never told anyone.

My mom wants me to bear the drivers permit test on Monday, and I know I'll come to nothing the vision test and be feeling shame. Or worse yet, what if I actually govern to pass the vision question paper!? I don't want to drive with my vision the road it is now.

I've tried for the last 3 days to update my mom, but the words just don't come. Do you think it would be wrong for me to communicate her over instant messenger? Sometimes we'll talk on msn when we are both sitting on the couch with our laptops. I infer doing it that way might be the only mode I can I can manage to tell her. Would it be wrong to report her over msn?

I know this probably sounds really ridiculous, but I've seriously tried to tell her for the past 3 days, and I freshly can't. I'm losing sleep over this, and I've even fell sick a couple times from not being able to inform her. Please tell me if it would be wrong to tell her on msn. I'd word it really perfect.


Answers:    There is no shame in needing specs. Is it because of money? And if you do need them, you won't pass that exam and she'll know and she'll ask what the deal is. I promise you will be super excited when you get them because individual able to see all of a sudden is in fact fun!
A lot of people need specs, you make it sound similar to it's a bad thing! Just ... transmit her ... I think you're making it a bigger deal than it really is, because it will do nil but help you in the long run, and pick up you embarrassment.
I don't really see why it's such a big deal, I show my mom DRAGGED me to get glasses and she be the excited one. Okay, you're making a really huge deal out of absolutely nought. You're losing sleep over not being able to inform your mom you have glasses? It's not similar to admitting you're pregnant or killed someone seriously... procure a grip on reality.
Umm. ho about you only tell her you act similar to your pregnant don't be retarded. just tell her,. Even if you let somebody know her over IM she's still going to confront you and talk about it. It's no big business. Get those sexy black glasses all girls wear. The quiz would be WHY are you so scared to tell her something so simple? Is she going to hit you? Panic? Die? This doesn't make any sense. Tell her however you want but for Pete's sake just freakin' report her you need them.
IM her on the computer and tell her only the way to expressed it here
tell her you enjoy know you need them and now that you are going to drive you want to be locked and she will understand

Just tell her. Nothing doomed to failure will happen if you do. If they happen to cost seriously of money, you could tell her you will chip in for a time or work around the house a little more. I think it will be fine :) I am going right very soon to ask my daughter if there is anything she needs to bring up to date me. I cannot believe you can't tell your mother that you are having delirium problems. Bothersome. Just tell her.
wait... why the f*ck are you alarmed to ask your mom for glasses? why the hell is this wrong or embarrassing contained by any way?
"mom, i think i have need of glasses"
end of story
take a chill pill yo :)
What ever make YOU comfortable, as long as you tell her besides you will feel so much better after and ruminate of it this way no more squinting!! tell her any means of access you feel comfortable
Glasses isnt dumb omg you could go blind

sorry but explicitly retarted
yes yesyes They are just glasses. And how did you step so long without getting them? Did she never notice that you couldn't see? How did you step through school without them? I guess you could other fail your vision constituent of your test and that would tell her. Or you could only just say "Mom my vision is big-hearted of fuzzy, I don't know if I could pass my driver's permit trial, can we make an appointment at the eye doctor before I budge?" I guess you could always pretend not to be able to see until she get the hint.

Go for it and tell her, best to seize it over with.

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