How regularly should you evolution your contact lens storage solution?

I wear contact lenses and I use the 14 day ones. I usually wear my contacts 3-4 times a week. When not used they are stored contained by it's case soaked with the multi-purpose solution. But how habitually must I change the solution?

Answers:    you're suppose to change your contacts solution everytime you lift them out. Also, you might want to let ur case dry and stuff bring i've read that bacteria can get on it since its raining. Your supoose to change your contacts case every 3 or 4 months so yea. Also, b4 you put your conacts on you might want to rinse your contacts beside the solution too. Better safe then sry =]
Hope this help =]
My husband wears contacts and he said to change the solution every time you bear your contacts out of your eyes.The solution keeps them sterile so that you will not get an eye infection.Try to not touch the verbs solution until you put your contacts back in. You should vary it everytime you wear them. It keeps them clean.

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