How do I find the contact lense that is to say floating on my eyeball?

I rubbed my eye earlier, and my contact is in my eye, but not on my pupil.

How do I locate where on earth it is so I can get it back on my eyeball?

Answers:    oh man! i do that adjectives the time. it usually goes up under your eyelid. what i do it hold my eyelid out, approaching pull it away from my eye and then blink. it usually comes down after a few blinks! i hope this help!
this happens to me all the time. first, put some eyedrops (i only just use my contact solution,) into your eyes to limit irritation. go into the mirror and undo your eyes as wide as you can, try to spot the contact. if it went stale of your pupil then it is probably folded so it should be easier to spot. i always newly keep rubbing my eye until it appears. give yourself thirty minutes to try to get hold of it out. if you do not get it out, call your eye doctor and he/she can probably bring it out. do not wait until later because you could back up in the emergency room. While looking all the track down, have someone else look way backbone into the eye. Look in all directions until you find it. It can be weakly touched with a clean, moistened q-tip. I'm not a big aficionado of rubbing because you can scratch your eye. Don't forget to look along the bottom lid too. It cannot go any further than you can see. There is a wall of muscle losing your eyeball. All else fails, it's time to see the Dr.
You should be able to sort of surface where the contact is because it'll be uncomfortable near. Then you just have to stick your finger on your eye until you find it and drag it case onto your pupil. It could be way the heck up there so look down as you are looking up, if you know what I mingy. If you have any contact fluid with you you could flush it out of your eye. Like over a bowl or something. You can also a moment ago flip your upper lid over and fish it out with a clean finger.
It usually floats to the top but I WOULDN'T spend in dribs and drabs any time seeing a doc. I had that happen and it will conceal itself for days or months and create an infection. If you don't find it soon have a doc SEE you. its probably up at top happens adjectives the time just close your eye and rub it down over your lid and you will see a piece it might have folded, purely keep rubbing but careful you might rip it
close your eyes for a while or in recent times rub it softly. or put some eye liquid to moisturize it. it'll probably even come out itself. Some patients have found their lens contained by the case or in the other eye.
Try moving your eye, if that doesent work, bid a doctor NOW call doc pronto.
call doctor or jump see a doctor dont ask me! u better ask the expert 1 that he or she can help u physically n not through like in a minute! p.s. thats y i hate n afraid of wearing contact lense!

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