I call for eyeglasses, but own a few question?

I discovered today after borrowing a friends glasses for a short time that I definately stipulation to get glasses. My verbs when looking at things within approx 15 feet is still legally good (I think it would still be slightly improved), but by and large, anything after is incredibly blurry. I know I'll get a prescription soon, but I have to do abundantly of work on my computer, and I was wondering, if I wear my glasses while working on my computer, and assuming working on the computer is what made my eyes impossible in the first place, wouldn't they just find even worse? If not, how come? Do they help correct your eyesight, or just oblige you get through daily natural life?

Thanks for your consideration, and any other facts that I might need to know would be much appreciated.

Answers:    You may be slightly myopic. It was not cause by the computer work.
Your doctor will tell you how and when to use your glasses.
if you dont want to draw from glasses il give you some direction but you have to do it every morning to get better eyesight, crawl your mouth with water, hold your breath( put pressure on facade but not too much), splash cold water into your eyes while eyes are open. you might beable to make out the diffrece in a few weeks, hope this helps. your optician will let somebody know you.
According to my own experience, I tell you that then you'll return with accustomed, it won't be like that always.
I will other remember the first day I wore glasses, that hours of darkness I felt drowsy! But it was solitary one day... Just ask your doctor.

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your question quite decipherable :)

i also realised i needed glasses when i borrowed my friends glasses.

wearing goggles won't make your eye sight worse, it'll freshly hinder it's progression; in other words wearing specs prevent your eyesight from getting worse.

to help you understand, i'll bestow you a little background info from my biology class :)

when you look at things from far away, the pallid rays are coming into your eye in parallels, aim your lens becomes thin within order to reduce refraction (the bending of light) focusing on the retina.

when you look at things close by, the night light rays are coming into your eye from an angle, meaning your lens becomes thicker so it will incentive more refraction in order to focus on the retina.

I'm guessing you enjoy myopia, and that means your lens is stuck in it's sticky mode. This means that when you look at something far away there is too much refraction and the lantern focuses slightly in front of the retina, which is responsible for your vision.

next to the example of the computer, you've been sitting in front of it too long! when you look at things closely for long period of time, you are meant to focus on something far away every once in a while, so that your lenses go and get used to being both thin and glutinous. i call it exercising :)

With all that surrounded by mind, there is no way eyeglasses can correct your eyesight, as all glasses do is bend the table lamp rays before they reach your eye so that it will focus on your retina.

If you don't wear your goggles, your vision will become more worse. trust me, I KNOW.

and by the way, wearing goggles in front of the computer is futile, as your vision is not blurry when looking at things closely. your lenses are fatties and that mechanism they can see things closely with no problems!

It sounds to me resembling you are myopic which means near sighted. The things up close are honourably clear and anything beyond that 15 feet gets blurry. Working on the computer didn't incentive you to need glasses. It probably did dry out your corneas and get your eyes more fatigued but that's all. I am guessing that just by what you are describing that your eye dr. will prescribe lenses for driving, especially at dark to clear up lights, to see in class if you don't sit close to the front of the room, and that the computer and reading distances is optional. You will not emasculate your eyes whether you wear the glasses or not. They are prescribed to clear up your vision..that's adjectives.

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