Improving nearsight: i in reality deduce this might work?

What if i wear far-sight glasses for a week? will it reverse the effects of myopia if my eyes try to focus with those eyeglasses?

Think about it a bit, and answer.

Answers:    it will not reverse it permanently. myopia is regularly caused when your eye length is longer than usual so the light focuses surrounded by front of your retina. the best way to correct this is with goggles fitted with negative lenses. far sighted eyeglasses have positive lenses so the light will focus even more within front of your retina so that will not reverse the effects of myopia at all.
its going to ruin your vision because the prescription for those far sighted specs are only for the person who have bad far sighted vision. If you wear them you will enjoy eye damage.If you wanna fix your eyes start eating carrot or get laser eyes surgery. Won't do anything except make your distance fantasy very blurry while wearing the glasses.

Glasses do not affect your refractive error.
It may own a temporary effect but I'm afraid it won't last and may endow with you headaches in the meantime. no

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