Is it okay to use my right eye contact for my vanished eye?

i ran out of contacts, but i still hold 2 for my right eye. my left eye is -3.25 but my right is -2.25..apart from my moved out eye being more blurry, would it be okay to use a short time ago for the day?

Answers:    Please do not swap eyes. They are different prescriptions for a justification, and you can actually motivation more stress on your eyes than needed. Even if it is only a 1 Diopter transformation (as you have noted), patients hold to adjust to new prescriptions. This will lead to some strain on your eyes and may give you a bit of a headache. Phone your optometrist and they may be capable of help you out.
For sooner or later, sure. It won't cause any weaken, although your vision will not be as right (although i'm sure you've considered that). I've had several days surrounded by which one of my contacts fell out so i was forced to put your foot with lone one contact for a day (I own 5.50 in both eyes), and I didn't enjoy any problems.
I'm sure you could do that, but your eyes would not feel ably during the day. Like others own said, you would most likely develop a headache.

Since the prescriptions are so different, it may not even give support to to wear them at all, your best bet may be to merely take a year off and not where on earth any contacts at all. I know it sucks, I'm contained by that position right now.
I don't infer so.
It could really strain your eye to do that.

I accidentally got mine backwards one time, and I be miserable up until I realized what be wrong.

Plus, they're totally different. I'd say MAYBE if they be the same...but -3.25 and -2.25 is a pretty big difference. You'd hold a headache all hours of daylight for sure.
You might get a headache; if it really does sustain your eyesight to put the right contact in your moved out eye, I am sure it would be okay. I've walked around beside only one contact surrounded by for a few hours and it wasn't THAT bad though...
don' me.

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