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Could this have damaged my eyes?

At work today i was working on the tills when it showed a USB device error, i thought it may have been the barcode reader as that is USB, i went to look at the front of it to see if it was getting power when it flashed right into my eyes. for a few moments i was dazed but after a few moments my eyesight was okay. Could this have any long term effects on my eyes?

Answers: I don't think this would have any affect. You probably just had an after image affect from the bright light. Very bright lights like the sun and welders can cause lasting damage. I would say you are at low risk for lasting problems. But if you notice any weird symptoms you should definatly see an ophthalmologist.
well im sure you will have a long term affect :(, it might look like your sight is fine now, but later on in life your eye sight will be horible, hopefully later than sooner. I feel bad.

Currently uninsured and need to get more contacts?

My insurance used to cover it but I turned 18 so I dont have it anymore. How much do they charge on average if you are not insured? I need to have my eyes examined and get a prescription.

Answers: The only way to find out is to contact a few opticians. You can tell the person who answers the phone that you just turned 18 and you're uninsured and would like to know the cost of an eye appointment and cost of contacts. Then make an appointment with the one who is kindest and best price.
Good luck (and this is another reason we need health care in this country!!)
Eye exam is $100 - $250 depending on the place.

Glasses can cost $60+ at Eyemaster type places

At an optometrist, glasses can cost between $100 and $300 dollars depending on the frame and options on the lenses.
Most eye docs charge around $100 for a Contact exam- the contacts will vary according to Rx.

Walmart is resonable.

Is it possible for each eye to see colors differently?

For example a person looks through one eye and they see a dark blue and if they look hrough the other eye the blue is slightly lighter.

Answers: I guess it can happen, but I doubt it is very common. you could get an eye exam for color blindness to see just how much difference your experiencing, but if it isn't hurting anything why bother spending the money
yes, I have that. but I have a condition called strabismus. See your eye doctor.
Good luck!
I just went to my eye doctor a couple of months ago and asked her about that because I have the same thing, mostly when I get up. She said it was normal, so yes I guess it must be possible.

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