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When taking out eye contacts, does anyone have a black out?

Lately, when i take out my contacts by touching my eye, I get a little black out, not too extreme. The black out is like when you sit down for long and get up, you get a black out and then it clears. Is this bad?

Answers: Yes, you shouldn't black out. There's probably something in the contact that is actually messing with your eye sight connection to your brain. It could also be your solution. I would recommend seeing your eye doctor.
Tell your doctor. That's not normal.

Eye exam question?

Is it necessary to get eye exams every year if you have no issues and your prescription (in my case near sighted and astigmatism) is always the same? Does your vision sort of stabilize for awhile?

I don't have insurance anymore and eye exams are kind of $.

I'm 33 btw.

Answers: no not necessary , go when u have a blurry vision or an eye problem .
Generally speaking every 2 years is fine unless the optometrist has specified more frequent check ups (eg. for contact lens wear, diabeties or other eye problems).

It is important to remember that an optometrist doesn't just check the prescription of your glasses. They also screen for all sorts of eye conditions and diseases. Many blinding eye diseases show few symptoms until very late so its important to have your eyes checked regularly.

I have an eye problem PLEASE READ?

Everytime I close my eyes tight and open them it kind of twitchs/beats up and down. Have I got cancer Am scared. I have had it for 5 days I think I have a deasese I dont know if its my eye lid or eye HELP

Answers: You've just got a little "nerve twitch". A small nerve near the eye is extra sensitive and making it twitch when you squinch your eyes like that. Simply don't do it. The twitch will most probably go away by itself. As long as you do not have any noticeable vision problems... no flashing lights, no fuzzyness, no funny stuff dancing in front of your eyes when you move them; and your sight is normal, you are worrying for nothing.
It happens to me too . No problem . You are fine.

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