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I'm 20 & My eyesight...?

I began using glasses when I was in the third grade. I am now 20 (female). Every year, I feel that my eye sight is getting worse and worse. I use glasses because I can't see clearly objects/ people from a distance. I feel that I am literally blind without my glasses. I also began using contacts life four years ago. Is there anything I can do to help with my eyesight to improve? Such as drinks and food that can help- anything would be great from anyone. Thank you much.

Answers: There is a way to improve your eyesight. It consists of certain eye exercises you have to perform every day. You will notice temporal results within a few days, such as being able to see clearly very far objects without correction for a few seconds.

To achieve permanent (and measurable) results, you will have to practice these exercises for a few months. I was nearsighted and they helped me improve my eyesight completely.

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Carrots! i where glasses too but my eyes has gotten alot better.I use my glasses for distant to and things i don't see far,just like you do.the only thing i did was use then to see far and when I'm indoors i take them off.(that's what makes it worse)when you indoors and don't need them for distant.
I'll say take them off when your indoors and they should get better when you go to the eye visits
I've been wearing glasses since i was in 5Th grade and I'm 34 now
I wish! Same here, except I'm older than you. One of my eyes has always been very dry, which sometimes makes contacts very uncomfortable, and my heavy glasses (even with reduced thickness) lenses weigh on my nose. Sometimes they give me headaches. I have two pair and switch them out, which helps.

Once, a friend and I tried one of those eyesight exercise programs in an effort to improve our vision. It didn't hurt, but I saw no improvement. I'm no expert, but I think laser surgery is probably our best hope. I'd love to learn differently, though. u spend a lot of time on MYSPACE? eyesight got worse after signing up on MYSPACE!!...YEA SO THAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU'RE ON THE PC 24/7!!

How long does it take for eyeballs to decompose after someone dies?

yeah... i know... i don't really even have a reason to ask... i'm just curious

Answers: The organs with the most blood will decompose first. The pregnant uterus, followed usually by muscle tissue. Bacteria start leaving the intestines about one hour after death.

Eyeballs, being mostly water, will more likely dry than decompose. Of course, if conditions are right, anything will decompose, including bone.
Since no one will answer, I guess I will.

I would say that because our eyes are mostly fluid on the inside, they would decompose rather quickly. But then again, I've seen preserved mummies whose eyes are relatively intact.

In a wild guess, I would have to say that it would take a couple of days to maybe over a week for the eyes to decompose. It's just a guess, though.

Would you recommend laser eye surgery?

Although I need to wait a bit longer for my steady 4 year prescription, I was wondering if the risks were worth it. Apparantly it is about 98% success rate.

Answers: I had Lasik 3 months ago and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I was very skeptical at first to have the procedure done but my mom persuaded me to get it done (I'm 21) and I have not regretted it.
One of the main concerns was if the surgery was painful and if there were any complications due to it. But I started on this Lasik thing by getting a free consultation from a doctor who specialized in Lasik. I waited for about 6 months for the surgery in order to pay for it (it was 5,000 or 2,500 for each eye), but many centers have financing available.
After the consultation months later, I went in for the pre-op testing which tested to determine if I was truly a good candidate for the surgery in a series of tests that took about 2 hours.
Two days later, I was ready for surgery. I went in, had some more eye testing done, was given Valium and just as I was dozing off, it was surgery time. Everything was so quick. I'm not gonna lie but as the flap was created, I felt pressure and it was a little painful for me but it only hurt for about 1 minute. After that, the laser went in and did it's work and was painless after that. The whole thing was about 6 minutes. I went home and slept the rest of the day. The next day I could see 25/20 and by the following month I saw 20/20.
The only complaints I had were that following surgery my eyes were extremely dry but drops were helpful. Also, the lights at night are really bright and I see halos. Other than that, everything has been great.
Do your homework on doctors online, search your doctors name and read reviews or work he has done if possible. I had complete trust in mine and everything worked out fine. All surgeries have some risk of complications but overall, Lasik has allowed me to wake up and see life clearly and I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone who is considering it. Good luck!
Don't do it if you're over the age of 40 unless you want to wear reading glasses.

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