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Lazy eye or ptosis? pls answer solitary if you know?

I have ptosis but it's really mild. So mild that the eye doctors won't evn operate on it and the plastic surgeons say it's not quite noticable.
If you see me you'll see that one eye is SLIGHTLY bigger than the other.

But on pictrs the eye with ptosis is approaching half closed. So why does this ensue in pictures? (the eye near ptosis doesn't rly look half closed -only contained by pictures) Can it be that I may also have a idle eye? I heard that ppl w laid-back eye also come with one eye closed surrounded by pictures.

Answers: Well if you see out of both eyes at once without double mirage, then your eyes are not crossed.

I enjoy intermittent strabismus and my eyes cross inward. While I can see out of both eyes, I can't see out of both at the same time. Like right very soon as I'm typing this I am seeing with my departed eye so I know my eye is crossed. Hope that helps.
if you really hold been to multiple docs and multiple surgeons nearly the ptosis, they'd have found "inactive eye" if you had it.

so it must freshly *appear* to be crossed. if it were really crossed, it would enjoy shown up in carrying out tests at the docs/surgeons
they dont really have anything to do near each other. lots of timed eye lid defect are most noticeabe in pics.


I got two pairs of glasses at eyemasters recently the two for $99 sale, they really came to around $220 after i supposedly got the good lenses and more expensive frames. But I kept having problems with the lenses. I returned them and I'm planning on going to lenscrafters this time. Are lenscrafters glasses better made and better quality and don't scratch easy. My glasses from eyemasters scratched super easy. They said that happens and that they are "scratch-resistant" not "scratch-free," they said it was my fault. They tried to blame the cleaning products I used on them but I used their brand. The people at eyemasters said that they don't make glass lenses anymore and they only make plastic, is that true?!? Sounds like a load of bs to me. Then they said they do but you have to be over 18 to get glass lenses. PLEASE, help me out. Is lenscrafters better, every had problems with eyemasters, and where do you recommend I get glasses. I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Answers: Yesss! I love them. I had my new glasses done at lenscrafters 2 days ago & i love them.
my old ones were also from lenscrafters, and they we're very good quality. My old ones did get scratch, but thats because i would just throw them into my bookbag pocket. and from what your saying sounds like eyemaster needs to fix up their glasses seriously.
here are a picture of my 2 glasses:
Lenscrafters is not a good idea. I just saw an ABC report that they don't get the script right all the time. Your best bet is to get your glasses made at your eye docs office. Also there is NO law that you have to be over 18 to get glass lenses as some lenses CANNOT be made in plastic due to the difficult script. Go to your eye doc and get your glasses made there.

How much should I expect to pay for Lasik surgery?

I have worn contacts since the 5th grade and they are starting to dry out my eyes. I would like to get the Lasik surgery, but I want to make sure it is an option I can afford. I'm sure there is financing available.

For the record, this is in Houston, Texas. I am not interested in going elsewhere for the surgery.

Answers: We charge between 28OO-4000 for both eyes depending on what your prescription is. And there are other factors such as corneal thickness and pupil size that determine which lasik procedure is better for you. The most important thing is to find a reputable surgeon in your area. Ask around to friends and co-workers for advice as well. Most places do free consultations, so if you are really unsure go to a couple of places and get information about the surgeon and pricing. Most places can give you information regarding financing. It is usually through an outside company such as CareCredit or Capital One. Those are two that we offer. I had lasik done
2 1/2 yrs ago and absolutely love it. Good Luck and feel free to ask any questions.
Be careful. Don't just go for the cheapest. Find someone that is reputable. Look very carefully into the history of the doctor.
I had it done, and it's the best thing I ever did for myself. I paid about $2000-$2500 per eye, and this was five years ago. The price might have gone down since then, because it's more common now and more doctors are doing it.
I just had it done for $6000 (both together) at the Herzig Eye Institute in Toronto. All I can say is do not "price shop" for this procedure. Go to the absolute best, and if you can't afford them, wait till you can.

Eyes are not replaceable.

P.S. I would not go to anywhere that charged less that $4000 for the entire procedure.
My husband has this surgery several years ago in East Texas (Lehmann Eye Center is supposed to be one of the best in the country about 2 hours away from Houston, so I'm sure the procedures and prices are comparable). I'm thinking it was just over $1000 an eye. For some reason the figure $2000 is sticking in my mind. It could have been $2000 per eye, but I don't think it was that high. I'm not sure if the prices have gone up, down, or stayed the same in the last 5 years.)
However, this is NOT something I would shop for the cheapest provider on---you definitely want a qualified professional! The latest technology is advertised as "blade-free" and it might cost more because the doctors haven't paid off their new laser equipment yet, but it is supposed to be safer. (I don't think they had that when my husband had his.)

I would recommend that you make appointments with at least a couple of prominent opthalmic surgeons in your area based on personal recommendations of others with successful results. Ask around; it's becoming a fairly common procedure, so there's bound to be someone you know from work, family, church, etc. who can give you firsthand info. The ones who do it in this area give free consultations, and Dr. Lehmann usually has several public workshops during the year where he does a surgery in front of an audience and gives away a free one as a door prize. So I'm sure you can get a free consult and get a better idea of the costs, as well as risks and benefits from any doctors in your area.

My husband loves living without glasses (he never could get used to contacts!) His eyes are now better than mine!

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