Lasik & Eyes Optical Questions and Answers

Can u get pink eye from someone farting on your pillow?

Answers: There's an odd answer to this:
Not if they were wearing underwear.

It's one of these peculiar facts lodged in my brain.
The question of bacterial contamination of operating theatres from farting has been examined, and concluded that for practical purposes normal underwear acted quite adequately as a bacterial filter, but that a fart without underwear, under a surgical gown, was liable to allow live bacteria to contaminate a wider area.

No, I'm not kidding, and I apologise if that's in the "way too much information" category.
NO. Trust me on this one.

What external part of the eye prevents dust or sweat from going inside the eyes?

Answers: Eyebrows, eyelashes.
eyelashes and eye brows

My eye color?

i know it sounds strange but , i never really was sure how to classify it green or blue green..if you could help that be cool =]

Answers: Hazel maybe ?
they look grey to me, but that could just be becuase it's on camara rather then in person. classify it how you want, does it really matter that much? i wish i had blue or green or bluegreen or grey eyes. instead i have boring brown

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