My first contact exam? Info please!

Okie- I'm getting contacts for the first time in a week. Could anyone like, explain what they'll do and how they'll touch and everything? Thanks!

Answers:    ok, it'll be like regular eye exam.they'll show you how to put in and button and clean them.some people find them self-conscious, i personally don't feel mine.I reflect on pretty much if you can do mascara and handle eyedrops , those are the people that usually do fine next to them.can you stick your finger in your eye?and also .. this is a biggie! I would see if you can use the disposable contacts because they are so much cheaper, you can always own a backup if you lose one and...i can wear mine alot longer than they say to.
they should take measurment, check your daydream, do a refraction, dilate your pupils, maybe recheck the refraction. you may get a example of contact lens and then a perscription its a regular exam...then at the wrap up they will say okay so u want contacts. we're gonna teach you how to put them n and pinch them out. and thats it.

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