Question something like not seeing ably beside contacts?

Hi i just got some toric trial set of two lenses. I see perfectly fine when there is alot of standard lamp but when i close all the curtains and the room is kinda dim not dark i cant see as all right. Things get blury. Is this normal? also when i excercise for example when i run it get really blury. Is this normal? thanks

Answers:    It can thieve several trials, at several days a time, to find a toric fitting that works with some people, and it isn't perceptible the moment a lens goes in whether it's going to settle reliably or not, so a couple of days to prove it one channel or the other is good practice.

The selection of lenses, extremely for astigmatic corrections, is not a trivial thing. And it can't always be rushed to run into people's expectations.

Optometrist, retired.

That is not normal! You probably have an astigmatism (the shape of your means of access is a different shape, making your vision blurry at certain times during the sunshine, usually at night). Regular toric lenses are made for people with astigmatisms, so buy some contacts that are especially made for them. I use Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism and they work great. I've never have blurry vision since I switched to them. You should try them! I hope I helped! :) I don't devise this is normal. Do you have astigmatism or are you only nearsighted? See your optometrist about it. Better safe than sorry.

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