Why do lights variety me consistency close to this?

Ok i realli need someone's help because i can't have a feeling like this anymore! Whenever i'm in a room near strip lighting or fluorescent lighting i feel realli realli faint and strange to the point where on earth i feel like i'm almost to pass out. Everything goes realli bright and i grain spaced out and light headed so i other feel like i involve to get out of the room that i'm in. It's realli starting to annoy and verbs me because i feel so weird. It's also thorny to avoid because my college is full of strip lights.
Please can someone help. Is this normal? How can i stop it from occurring?
Thanks x

Answers:    Have you been bitten by a vampire recently? It's not toxic, but I heard fluorescent lights can be uncomfortable for vampires. You may want to consult a physician (or metaphysician).
HI There, when i look at lights, i userly sneeze! it is run of the mill sometimes in a way, but 75 percent of the time isn't!...
dance to optician and say to him what you see and what you explained to us. get an eye question paper, JUST to see if it is serious or not! i hoped i helped.

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